Find a Great Designer for Your Project

Use SeaSide Silk Screening’s artist directory to find a graphic artists to help you with your next project. We’ve compiled a list of some talented designers and illustrators who can offer independent design services that match your vision.

After you’ve completed your design work, SeaSide can help you bring your design and message to the masses through custom printed and embroidered apparel. We are happy to communicate directly with your designer to make sure that the files and colors are clean and true. Designers are also welcome to visit our tech specs site for ink color, print location, and dimension information.


Sandra Vigneri // learn more

Frank Sipes // learn more

Kierstin Jarvis // learn more

William Love // learn more

Meru Fifty Nine // learn more

Becoming an Approved Vendor

We are seeking a select group of highly skilled, responsive, and reliable graphic artists and illustrators to assist our clients with independent art projects. Seaside’s clients will contact artists directly after they have had a chance to check out their portfolios online.

We do limit the number of artists in the directory at any given time to simplify the process and keep clients from being overwhelmed with options. Please click the button below to fill out our entry form. Once received, we’ll review your information and reach out to you to discuss your business and make sure it’s a good fit for all parties involved.